Patagonia, Arizona - Fred Rochlin Watercolor

Fred Rochlin Watercolor

Fred Rochlin
Patagonia, Arizona - Individual Postcard
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Daily, with the dedication of a spiritual seeker, Fred watercolored. Indoors, outdoors, at home, and on trips he kept a kit within reach: paints, brushes, water jar, paper. When he left for his final hospital stay a kit was in his suitcase. He never tried to sell his watercolors, but he gave hundreds away. The rest, some 2500, more than half sited, dated, and signed, he willed to his four children. Our daughter, architect/artist Davida Rochlin, designed and produced the Fred Rochlin Watercolors, sets of four greeting cards. The current edition is "Arizona Along the Border" set in Ruby, Tubac, Tumacacori, and Patagonia.

Product Description

Notecards designed by Davida Rochlin.
Reproduced original watercolors by Fred Rochlin
Sold individually, $4.00
Size of cards (folded): 4.5" x 6.75"
Printed on Fabriano Medivialis ragged watercolor paper, 96 lb